Dehumaniser is a prototype application that transforms voice into monster sounds in real time. It has already been used from acknowledged sound professionals in feature films and video games. 

The new version is now ready! you can visit for more information.


Dehumaniser short demonstration

Dehumaniser long demonstration 

Dehumaniser app demonstration

There are several presets, which create different creature sound effects that are applied to the voice. Additionally the user can create new presets.

By pressing record the program records the output and the input at the same time with the name of the chosen preset inside the program, the user can record the dry signal of the voice and use it again as an input.  The application has two modes for controlling the parameters, a simple mode and an advanced mode.

Additionally, Dehumaniser has the option to use a microphone as an input or a prerecorded sound file. Thus, the user can play a recorded voice on a loop and adjust the settings while listening in order to achieve the desired result.


Comment from Angelo Palazzo:

Hey everyone, I am a sound designer working and living in Los Angeles and have worked in post for almost 20 years on many features and tv shows:

I want to endorse this software. I’m currently the sound designer for the ABC show 666 Park Ave and am always looking for new ideas and sound sources to play around with to keep things interesting. I learned of Dehumanizer and decided to give it a shot. It turned out to be very useful and a lot of fun. You can hear my results in the next episode airing this Sunday, Nov 3. I used Dehumanizer as a layered element to breathe character into the “Evil Box.”

Check out the software. Its very easy and fun and lets you “perform” your sound to give it an organic quality. Very nice work Orfeas.

Comment from Bruno Boselli:

“A few months ago I had the privilege of being hired to create the sound effects for “Kingdom Rush: Frontiers” (a mind blowing tower defense game I strongly recommend) and Dehumanizer really came in handy all the way trhough. Besides the moans and growls of Ashbite, the dragon hero, and some other creature’s voices, I used it to create layers for rock explosions, avalanches and firebursts. Thanks for sharing such an awsome and versatile tool, I really admire your work. “

You can also contact me to create a custom preset or version for your needs!