Sound Showreel

As an unborn spirit, you follow your mother’s voice through a labyrinth of vessels, gathering or avoiding the influence of traits which will determine your future. This game was developed in less than 48 hours for the Global Game Jam 2013.


An inter-dimensional sonic rift has been detected at the meadows. A sonic meltdown is imminent and the area must be scanned and cleared of all lifeforms before noise and then silence takes over. A binaural and location based audio game using iphone and max msp.

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Meltdown – Location Audio Game

Drim Works on Atelier Zolotas handmade project.
Film was made to show that each dress from design to completion is handmade by Atelier Zolotas. All process was recorded in order to make this final result of images and music made by mixed live sounds.
Film production made in Atelier Zolotas in Athens Greece
Hope you enjoy
Director: Dimitris Drimas
Camera: Fotis Zygouris
Sound recording/design: Orfeas Boteas

Short “steampunk” animation for university project


Short “steampunk” animation for university project


Short Greek film